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2017 April Activities

   2017 May Activities


4/27 National Babe Ruth Day

4/30 National Bugs Bunny Day

5/1 National Chocolate Parfait Day

5/4 National Star Wars Day

5/5 Cinco de Mayo

5/6 National Nurses Day

5/7 National Lemonade Day

5/8 National Have a Coke Day

5/9 National Moscato Day

5/10 National Receptionists’ Day

5/13 National Apple Pie Day

5/14 Mother’s Day

5/15 National Chocolate Chip Day

5/19 National Pizza Party Day

5/25 National Wine Day

5/28 National Hamburger Day

5/29 Memorial Day

5/31 National Senior Health and Fitness Day




Regularly Scheduled Events

Sunday Chapel 2pm 1st Floor
Monday Bingo 2pm 1st Floor (every Mon)
Tuesday Resident Shopping (Dollar Store, Walmart, etc.)
Wednesday Chapel 10am 1st Floor, Beauty Shop (every other Wed.)
Thursday Resident Outing (park, zoo, movies, etc.)
Friday Karaoke 2pm 1st Floor
Saturday Bingo 10am, Movie Matinee 2pm, & Wii Games 3:30pm